get_safeobj() allows to extract information from protected sdcProblem instances.

get_safeobj(object, type, ...)



an object of class sdcProblem


a character vector defining what should be returned. Possible choices are:

  • "dimInfo": get infos on dimensional variables that formed the base of the protected data

  • "finalData": return final data object

  • "nrNonDuplicatedCells": total number of cells that are duplicates

  • "nrPrimSupps": total number of primary suppressed cells

  • "nrSecondSupps": total number of secondary cell suppressions

  • "nrPublishableCells": total number of cells that can be published

  • "suppMethod": suppression method that has been used

  • "cellInfo": extract information about a specific cell

  • "cellID": calculate ID of a specific cell defined by level-codes and variable names


additional argument required for choices "cellInfo" and "cellID"

  • "specs": a named character vector with names relating to the names of the dimensional variables and values to levels of the hierarchies.

  • "complete": if TRUE, the entire row is returned in "cellID", otherwise only the cell id (number)

  • "verbose": toggles additional output


the required information.


internal function


Bernhard Meindl