An object of class sdcProblem contains the entire information that is required to protect the complete table that is given by the dimensional variables. Such an object holds the data itself (slot dataObj), the entire information about the dimensional variables (slot dimInfo), information on all table cells (ID's, bounds, values, anonymization state in slot problemInstance), the indices on the sub tables that need to be considered if one wants to protect primary sensitive cells using a heuristic approach (slot partition and the information on which groups or rather subtables have already been protected while performing a heuristic method (slots startI and startJ).


slot dataObj:

an object of class dataObj (or NULL) holding information on the underlying data

slot dimInfo:

an object of class dimInfo (or NULL) containing information on all dimensional variables

slot problemInstance:

an object of class problemInstance holding information on values, bounds, required protection levels as well as the anonymization state for all table cells

slot partition:

a list object (or NULL) that is typically generated with calc.multiple(type='makePartitions',...) specifying information on the subtables and the necessary order that need to be protected when using a heuristic approach to solve the cell suppression problem

slot startI:

a numeric vector of length 1 defining the group-level of the subtables in which a heuristic algorithm needs to start. All subtables having a group-index less than startI have already been protected

slot startJ:

a numeric vector of length 1 defining the number of the table within the group defined by parameter startI at which a heuristic algorithm needs to start. All tables in the group having an index j smaller than startJ have already been protected

slot indicesDealtWith:

a numeric vector holding indices of table cells that have protected and whose anonymization state must remain fixed


objects of class sdcProblem are typically generated by function makeProblem and are the input of functions primarySuppression and protectTable


Bernhard Meindl