• Matthias Templ. Author, maintainer.

  • Bernhard Meindl. Author.

  • Alexander Kowarik. Author.

  • Johannes Gussenbauer. Author.

  • Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development. Copyright holder.
    Initial published c(++) code (under LGPL) code for rank swapping, mdav-microaggregation, suda2 and other (hierarchical) risk measures

  • Statistics Netherlands. Copyright holder.
    microAggregation cpp code (under EUPL v1.1)

  • Pascal Heus. Copyright holder.
    original measure threshold cpp code (under LGPL)


Source: inst/CITATION

Matthias Templ, Alexander Kowarik, Bernhard Meindl (2015). Statistical Disclosure Control for Micro-Data Using the R Package sdcMicro. Journal of Statistical Software, 67(4), 1-36. doi:10.18637/jss.v067.i04

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