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an R package for applying noise to statistical tables.


This package is developed within the SGA Open source tools for perturbative confidentiality methods. This package is not fully optimized for speed but already contains the core functionality to compute perturbed count- and magnitude tables with complex hierarchies.

Feedback (via issues) with regards to bugs or features requests are very welcome as well as pull-requests.


The core-concepts of the package and its application is described in the package vignette that can be viewed after installation of the package using ck_vignette() or online.


The package can directly be installed from CRAN using the install.packages() function which automatically also installs the required dependencies (such as ptable.

# update your R installation


An example on how to apply the package is provided in ?cellKey::cellkey_pkg where also all the available methods are described.


The package vignette can be looked at using cellKey::ck_vignette() or via the automatically deployed documentation by clicking here. The complete documentation is also updated automatically and can be viewed online.


Updates/Changes are listed here.